is mainly used as a Foundation for road or railway noise barriers, road safety barriers and signage. The assembly of the carrying structure with foundation is:

  • steel pile made of the HE profile (mainly HEA and HEB) with extra fins on the sides,  driven into the ground by a regular excavator;
  • unique bolted connection between the GroundPlug HE Foundation and the post is mounted with an adjustable plate;
  • the post for the noise barrier is mounted with the threaded rod on the adjustable plate.
  • the noise barrier panels are then mounted.

From a constructional point of view, GroundPlugs HE Foundations have strong advantages compared to the standard concrete pile or foot concrete foundation. The needed envelope clearance in order to install the GroundPlug Foundation is much smaller, so there is no need for excavation.  The GroundPlug team can install up to 50 steel piles  a day, which is impossible with standard concrete foundations. Also, in case of accidents where noise barriers are destroyed, replacement of the post and the foundation cause no problem and can be adjusted or changed easily, unlike traditional foundations.

Groundplug International can provide 12 standard types of GroundPlug HEA Foundations with moment capacity from 23kNm to 370 kNm. The standard products are of steel grade s355 of types HE100A to HE400A. The lengths of such products depend on soil conditions.

If necessary, patented solutions of  GroundPlug HEB Foundations can also be delivered.

All patented products above are protected against corrosion through a hot-dip galvanizing process.